New start with new blog

SO, I've decided to start a new blog. I will write in swedish only in the hope of getting a broader audience. I know, that sounds like a contradiction.. It would sound easier to get more readers if you write in english, which more people can understand. However, I think my blog doesn't stand out enough to get more readers. My guess is that my blog will get more attention if it is written for a more specifik kind of people (and perhaps if it's written in a more "commercial" way). People can relate to me better, since we live closer. I'm not just a stranger writing somewhere in the world. Also I've noticed that many alternative bloggers whom I've followed for many years have shut down their blogs. So alternative blogs are perhaps just what many are looking for right now. Since the world have many of this, but Sweden do not, I think the smart way is to keep it more simple and more close to home.

So I hope many of you aren't disappointed that I move over to swedish now. I know some of you are swedish or scandinavian at least.

Meet you on my new blog:

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  1. Elsker designet på den nye bloggen! Skal definitivt følge deg videre, du poster så mye interessant :)