Movies - Sylvester Stallone marathon

This is some of the movies Alex and I have been watching since he came home (he left for work today again and will be away for four weeks...) Iv'e never seen Rocky or Rambo, so we started a huge marathon! Watched other movies like INTERSTELLAR and THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, which I've been looking forward to so much! The woman in black 2 we fell asleep three times before we finally managed to watch it. Into the Wild I've seen before, but it was years since I saw it. And Alex had never seen it. Movies is the best <3

Old makeup I did

Good night from Lovecraft and me - and of course the monsters

This is what a horse bite looks like:

Zita is here

 My mother is taking care of a friends two dogs. So Zita is staying with us for a couple of days.

What does the future hold?

Some of my plans: Believe it or not, I'm planning to go back to gray-ish hair in a near future.
I don't know if I will mix in some weird color to go with the gray or just keep it all gray? Suggestions? :) An gray/purple ombre do look nice in my head. Will have to see..

Me and Alex have recently bought a punching bag and gloves so I'm proud to say that we're going to start boxing! Not with a trainer or anything, just at home. We are making a gym in our garage, which will be perfect since I HATE to workout in front of people. I have been struggling with running as exercise but don't really enjoy it. Don't feel it giving enough, not even with music and all. I hope boxing is going to be fun and finally give me the motivation I need to start training for real.

My studying is moving slowly, and I'm often distracted with other (not so important) things.
That is the negative side of studying at home instead of in a classroom. I find the subject interesting, it's just that some things are MORE fun. And that is my weakness.. I'm working on it. Trying to make it so that I can move on faster to find a person willing to accept me as a taxadermy apprentice!

These are some of my plans, most about the looks (HAHA) or more about feeling good perhaps. Feel so silly when I write about myself on my blog. 

my new shoes!