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Mind twisting movies

I've become obsessed with watching movies with deeper and much more complex story to it. I like a movie that sticks in your head for a while. At first it might seem confusing but when you figure it all out, it gives you some kind of pleasure. Cause not each and everyone want to enjoy a movie by analyzing it. But I like to think of myself as one of them. Since I am a thinker, more than anything else.

Our kitties

Very nice makeups


First time I've ever tried this. It is pretty hard. But I guess you learn if you do it more often.

Food -healthy & beautiful


Austin Davis, 3, died after being left by himself for several days. His mother, Megan McKeon, 24, left him on his own at their filthy cabin in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, while she went to work and spent nights with her boyfriend. She said she left food, juice, and a movie playing for her son and that it was "around the 20th time" she'd left him alone like that. His father's in jail for failing to register as a sex offender. Cause of death is pending. Mother faces felony child abuse charges.