Alice Roosevelt with her dog Leo. She smoked cigarettes in public, chewed gum, placed bets with bookies, rode in cars with men, stayed out late partying, and kept a pet snake named Emily Spinach, which she often wore wrapped around one arm and took to parties. Her father President Theodore Roosevelt once said of her “I can either run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I cannot possibly do both.” 1902


Some good some bad.. Think you can guess which ones were watchable. Got sentimental and are now watching dr Quinn as my bedtime story every evening.


Cool stuff

These 3-D Portraits Were Created Using Only A Person’s DNA. Stranger Visions is an art project which tries to determine what we look like based on a single strand of hair | artwork by Heather Dewey-Hagborg

The W.H.O. Birth Defect Report

The W.H.O. Birth Defect Report--Getting the hard evidence needed to prove Iraqis are suffering from a disproportionate rate of birth defects cancers likely due to massive pollution caused by the war.The studies so far are largely ignored in a manner that a finding from the World Health Organization can't be because such a report carries so much weight that Barack's administration has done everything it can to prevent the release of the report.


An oldie

 This is from when we lived in our old apartment. Yes, we have moved (you can see the moving boxes in the background) At the end of September we moved into a house! We got so much SPACE! I even got my own work room for art and such. We have a huge garden for the dogs! Bailey is almost outside all the time and we have a very short distance to the horses from here. Will post more pictures about it later on.

we went to see Fenja's family - happy reunion