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It feels strange to do a black and white photo nowadays. A few years ago I almost made all my photos black and white. And even though I think black and white gives a more sophisticated and classy look to it, I have to say I'm prefering color. I'm in a more happy place, not that color necessarily give you more happiness in itself.. But FOR ME it was as if life literally started to be more colorful? As I look through my archive on tumblr I can clearly link this happening soon after meeting Alex <3 As if he brought color and happines with him into my life. 


In a former post I wrote about the blue gsd NOT being an approved color! BUT the breeder just informed me that in Germany blue is indeed acknowledged! And steel blue is even approved here in Sweden by dogjudges! However the color is SO rare, that most doubt this to be true! And since Germany is home to the gsd, they should have the right to set the stadards. I don't know the "rules" in other countries for gsd colors?

Like I debated in my previous post about this subject, I don't care what's approved or not, as long as the dog is healthy. But people are spreading false accusations. And this leads to dogs being unwanted :( Really sad, that a dog can be liked based on what some people set as standards.

Nighty all followers out there


Danish 'monster' pulled out of Swedish waters

A figurehead from a Danish ship that sunk in the 1480s has been hauled from a Swedish sea bed. The creature is one of the world's oldest preserved wooden carvings of its kind and will go on display later this month.

The wooden face, which resembles a monster or a large grinning dog, had been lying on a seabed off the southern Swedish town of Ronneby for more than five centuries.
It is thought to have broken off from the Gribhunden ship, commissioned by King Hans, who ruled Denmark from 1481 to 1513. The ship sunk after a fire.
The creepy figurehead - which weighs 300 kilograms - was discovered by divers in June and was dragged up to the surface on Tuesday.

Marcus Sandekejer from Blekinge museum, which is set to put the discovery on display later this month, told The Local on Wednesday: "This figurehead is probably the only one left from a 15th century ship in the world."
He said it was a "fantastic feeling" watching expert archaeologists lift the creature out of the water.
"520 years under water....and in such a great condition!" 
The museum is now on a mission to preserve the wooden animal as best as possible.
It will spend the next three months in a bath of sugar water, designed to remove the salt it has absorbed from the sea, by osmosis.
"After that, we will look at other ways of keeping it well maintained for the longer term. We have been working with top archaeologists who have worked with other big preservations such as the Kronan ship in Kalmar," said Sandekejer.


One of my best friends is home from Italy and we ate cake at a café in town and talked girly stuffs. Later on I found myself cuddle with sheeps.

This could be the most awesome t-shirt I've ever owned

Lovely puppies!

 I can't stop posting pictures! I like them so much. Their mother reminds me of Zeke <3 And the blue color is so eye catching. It is debated in diffrent GSD forums if the blue gene brings health issues to the dog. There is however no evidence that suggests that blue colored dogs are more likely to have health issues due to the color itself. I read a lot of information so that I can get a clearer vision on the subject and try to avoid supporting unhealthy dogs. The breeding of dogs is already in so many ways disturbing.. I will post some information below about the blue gene or "Dilution gene"!

The Dilution Gene
The D locus controls the intensity of eumelanin in the coat (and also the eyes/nose/etc). 
The dilution gene occurs on the D locus. It is recessive, so d is dilute and D is non-dilute, and in order for a dog to be dilute it must have the genotype dd. A dog that is Dd or DD will have normal (non-dilute) pigment.
The dilution gene affects eumelanin (black and liver), although phaeomelanin (red) may be lightened as well. When a dog has two copies of the d allele, a black dog will become blue (aka slate) and a liver (chocolate) dog becomes isabella (aka lilac). A blue or isabella can have any coat pattern, but whatever they have, any black or liver in the coat will be turned to blue or isabella. It is genetically impossible for a blue dog to have any black in its coat, or for an isabella to have liver.
The main giveaway that a dog is a dilute is generally its nose colour. The coat may be entirely sable or recessive red for example, but if the dog has a blue nose, it is genetically blue-pigmented.

Blue nose and black nose

Dilution and Health
It's often claimed that dilute dogs are less healthy than those with normal pigment. This misconception has most likely come from the prevalence in some breeds of a condition known as Colour Dilution Alopecia (CDA). Colour Dilution Alopecia is in fact the result of a faulty version of the d allele, known as dl. Not all breeds carry this faulty allele, and the majority of blues and isabellas are completely healthy. See the Health Problems page for more information on CDA. (Source)

So with this said, I don't see anything wrong with the blue dogs. I can however say that I will never support the "pure breed" gsds that have a sloping back. The pure breeders (most of them) themself do NOT approve of blue, white or liver colored shepherds and many are actually put down only cause of this. It is not a color in line with the "breeding standards" and so the animal is not wanted. They argue that most dogs without papers are bred from breeders that doesn't know what they are doing. And I can agree on some level that breeders not always now what they are doing, but that is not depending on whater or not the breeders breed pure or not. That is just from human stupidity! I think responsible breeding isn't performed enough in purebreeds for it to be considered "the better choice".

You can argue that the same greed that charecterizes breeders of pure dogs are seen in my search of a blue gsd. Well, it is an aesthetic question. I like the color - therefore want the dog. To my deffense! I'd like to say that I find gsds very active and functional dogs. At least the working dog. It has in some ways many similaritys of their ancestor, the wolf which I think at least gives the dog both functional advantages as well as aestethical. The wolf is one of the most beautiful creatures and all dogs derives from it. So in my opinion a dog that resembles the wolf feels more natural even though it actually is bred from humans.

And then again, I am not totally against pure breeding. I am against to let animals suffer. It is not necessary for dogs to suffer just so we can get a dog that LOOK a certain way. If a blue german shepherd would have health issues I would've never wanted it.

My beautiful Zeke is a black gsd and he is not pure bred. I have no paper and yet he has a damage on his shoulder (some might even argue that he has this condition due to not being pure), so I am aware that the risk of a damage and illness can never be completely avoided. Many pure breeds are very healthy! I can't argue with that. But to remove perfectly healthy puppies simply cause they don't fit the standards disgusts me. And the fact that some breeds can't breed, walk, eat or live normal! It is sad. As an example just look at the picture of the blue nose above. Look how tight the nostrils are? Imagine breathing through that.


Haven't done my makeup in ages! So I give you an oldie.. Today I watch documentaries and have a headache :( I'm gonna rest for a while and then try to work a bit. I'm working on clay jewelrys right now. Will post pictures about it later!

Granny Ripper May Have Eaten Her Victims

Details are still emerging in the case of a 68-year-old Russian woman caught disposing of human remains on a security camera, and they keep getting weirder. Tamara Samsonova, who has been dubbed Grannyball Lecter by the press, was arrested recently after drugging her 79-year-old friend Valentina Ulanova and cutting her up with a hacksaw while she was still alive.
The motive?
An argument over dirty tea cups, apparently.
Samsonova was seen on camera carrying body parts and a head in a cooking pot out of her home. Ulanova’s decapitated body was later found in a nearby pond. The head still hasn’t been found, and Samsonova isn’t telling anyone where it is.
Diaries found in her home alongside books on astronomy and the occult provide details of as many as 21 possible murders in 20 years, and reveal that the Granny Ripper may have eaten parts of her victims.
Police say she really likes lungs.
Though Samsonova seemed notably confused and disoriented in court, even blaming the murders on a neighbor at one point, she claims her actions were deliberate, that she wanted to be known as a serial killer. She told the judge she has been preparing to be caught for years.
Authorities are comparing the diary confessions with unsolved cases of body parts around St. Petersburg. They also suspect Samsonova may have killed her husband, who disappeared in 2005.

Crow Shows Incredible Intelligence During Complex Test

When animal researchers came up with a very special experiment to test a wild crow’s intelligence, they had no idea what to expect. But after it was over, everything they knew about bird intelligence changed in an instant!

Dr Alex Taylor set up a tricky puzzle to test the birds problem-solving abilities – Will the crow defeat the puzzle?


So today has been a really bad one. I have messed things up with my medicine and that made me go this third day without any at all. Have horrible abstinence.. Feel sick. Have slept like a baby for most of the day. Now I will cuddle up with my doggies and watch LOTRs. The cats are out this night. I usually want to get them inside for the night, but it is really hot and the air is heavy and nauseous inside, even though I have the window open. So I guess it is much nicer to be outside in the cool night air.