Feels like I've been having a nude face every day.. Fondation, powder, mascara and drawing brows ONLY. And I have a whole lot of new makeup to try out and experiment with! Gosh.. need to pick up my life again. At least I got myself to study some yesterday (Alex made me!) And I have done some training with Fenja. Other than that I watch documentaries. Like, all the time!

Slept for a day

I slept away this day! My mother came by to wake me since I hadn't answered any of her calls. Feels lika a waste of time to sleep so much. But it's hard to battle against the will of your own body. In some ways you have to listen to it and can't really bitch too much about it. If I'm THAT tired, perhaps it is a good thing to sleep. 

same as when I call to tell the monsters that the food is ready

Glitter makeup

 It's hard to get the glitter on picture, it's a lot more shimmery in real. But ahh well.. I'm wearing NYX macron lippie -  lavende combined with black sesame. LOVE this lipstick. I'm growing out my eyebrows again.. Think it's great to have no eyebrows in order to get bright colored brows. But mostly I keep them dark any way. So I just keep on growing and shaving them haha.

A homeless dog named Snuffles has a unique facial feature - two noses.

 The Belgian Shepherd mix actually has one nose which didn’t properly fuse together before he was born, so each nostril is separate. Snuffles can move each nostril independently.


Family Massacre: The Jersey Slayer

A father who allegedly murdered six people, including his wife and two children, was facing financial ruin after investing his life savings in a doomed property deal.
Damian Rzeszowski, 30, put tens of thousands of pounds into a scheme in his native Poland, sources claimed last night.
But when he travelled to his home town of Nowy Sacz with his wife Izabela, they discovered the apartments were not built and the developer would not return their money, it was alleged.
The loss of their life savings heaped further pressure on their marriage which was already strained after Izabela's month-long affair with another man.
Hours after returning to their home in Jersey, Rzeszowski allegedly killed his wife and their children – daughter Kinga, five, and 18-month-old son Kacper – at a family barbecue.
During the vicious knife attack on the Channel Island, the carpenter also allegedly murdered his father-in-law Marek Garstki, family friend Marta de la Haye and her daughter Julia, five.
Last night a source close to the family told how the failed property investment was 'the final straw' in the couple's turbulent relationship. 'Damian had already tried to kill himself after he found out about his wife's affair when this happened,' the source said.
'He really wanted the scheme to work to show his wife they could get through their problems.
'But when he found out he had been ripped off by the developer he could see no way out.
'He was desperate to move back home, but knew that Izabela never would after this.'

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Rainbow nails


Damn you dry skin!

I never thought I would wear a septum (even if it's fake =SHHHH! Shame on me) cause I think my nose is so ugly xD But.. There were so pretty jewelrys! I couldn't stop myself.