When Sweden runs out of garbage, it offers to import excess waste from other countries in Europe

When Sweden runs out of its own garbage, it offers a service to the rest of garbage-bloated Europe: importing excess waste from other countries.

Nighty night people

So it's time for bed. I tryed something diffrent with my makeup today. Don't really liked it that much but I was going to a music/singing performance in church (YES church!?) So I wanted to be a bit toned down.. Tomorrow I hope to get a lot of work done. Wish me luck!

Man sends messeges in bottles

Over the last two decades, Harold Hackett has sent out over 4,800 messages in a bottle from Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province along the Atlantic coastline.

Every message asks for the finder to send a response back to Hackett, and since 1996 he has received over 3,100 responses from all over the world.

Fancy sheep

I wanted to do some overkill makeup today

I really did.. But I am so tired.. And I took a shower and all the haircolor went right off, so I recolored  it and now I have to get to the grocery store before they close!


So, I wrote to the breeder and she agreed that it wasn't the most optimal timing for us to get a puppy right now. BUT the great news is that she is planning to take a litter next spring with her own female and the same male! So we will go and see her and the dogs as soon as Alex is home again. So that the breeder gets a chance to meet us and we a chance to meet the mother and the puppies. But from what she read about Alex and me she said that she definitely wanted to keep contact with us. Let's hope for the best! And that we are ready next year for a little baby :)

I've mailed the breeder

Oh dear, am I spending my days watching these babies? No.... Not at all..
I just want it! It is two gray babies, one is already spoken for.. Gaah, I wants it :(
But I know that we have soo many animals already and you have to be able to give each and everyone of them their time. The more animals the less time is left to spend on each individual.
Blue germanshepherds are so rare and so beautiful, but if that is the only argument it is no good reason to get a puppy. BUT then again. Zeke has a bad shoulder, which is going to get worse over time. He will not be "an old dog" as the vet put it. We don't know how much time he has. At the moment he is happy, excited, and willing to live. But it might come a day when it hurts too much. Fenja is used to have dog company, so I think she would be unhappy as a lone dog. Alex and I have been talking back and forth about what our next dog would be. We've been talking about a wide range of dogs.. Wolfdog, blue gsd, great dane, English mastiff. Yea, you get it. Very diffrent kinds of dogs. From the most complicated and demanding breeds, to the simpler, lazyier ones.
We've always said that we wouldn't get another dog until Zeke has passed.. Two dogs is kind of a good number for two humans. And Zeke has a problem with aggression that we don't want the puppy to learn. Fenja on the other hand can be a little barky but always nice. So she hasn't learned too much bad behaviour from Zeke. In fact, there are a lot of things I wish she could learn from him! Like never stealing food and never jump on people! Never destroy anything in the home. (Fenja have massacred her dogbeds a few times..) Well I don't know why I write all my concerns here. We can't afford it. We should not get another dog. That is what my brain says. But my heart is filled with puppy love :(

Blue German Shepherd

 I so badly want a blue gsd! I've fallen in love! And now I found blue babies in Sweden! OMG! And Alex has almost promised me that we can go and have a look at them when he comes home. I know, we can't have more animals now.. But is't a blue gsd!? They are so hard to come by.. If the parents are healhy and mentally stable I might have to steal one of them :O And hide it from Alex.. He won't notice....

What's Happening To The Flowers At Fukushima?

They might look like deformed victims of a nuclear disaster, but these daisies are likely the result of a rare, but natural condition called fasciation, or crested growth. This can happen when the parts of a growing embryo fuse abnormally, resulting in a flattened-looking stem. And oftentimes, flowers and leaves will develop unusual shapes and show up at odd angles to that stem. As gardeners will tell you, fasciated plants are not exclusive to disaster sites. The causes of this condition range from infections and severe pruning to hormonal imbalances and (run-of-the-mill) genetic mutations.


Rainey day

No makeup today.. It is like the titel says, a rainey day today. Me and the catboys are watching movies and just a while ago Fenja and I went for a long walk in the forest. I felt like Princess Mononoke ;D I saw a third eye cow!

Good night

Took a long walk with Fenja earlier this evening. Now it's time for audiobook and sleep! 

Creating shrooms and trying to paint

 I'm doubting my art ALL THE F-ING TIME! I almost don't enjoy it at times simply cause I judge myself too hard. I compare myself with other people and suddenly feel like I don't have any talent at all. Not looking for sympathy, it's just the way it is.. The way I feel. It shouldn't be about "being the best" I should just try to have fun and don't care too much.

Cuddle with Yums

Yumyum is my baby, my forever cuddles! 

Selfies of today

Sleepy Hollow - sleeping sickness solved

The first cases of the "sleeping epidemic" were reported in March 2013. Everyone in the village had a family member or a friend who had fallen asleep for no apparent reason, according to locals. 
For three years people in the Kazakhstan village Kalachi – nicknamed 'Sleepy Hollow'  was hit with a mysterious “sleeping sickness.” Residents were falling asleep at random; they were passing out while walking, in school and even on their motorcycles. Some fell asleep for up to six days at a time and when they woke up they couldn’t remember what happened. Others suffered from bizarre hallucinations, especially children, led one girl to see an elephant trunk on her mother and a boy imagine horses and light bulbs flying around his head. The mystery of the 'Village of the Damned' where a sleeping sickness causes people to fall unconscious for days, mild-mannered pensioners swear and men have unusually-high sex drives has been solved.

 An old disused Soviet-era uranium mine called the culprit is pumping out high levels of carbon monoxide, poisoning the villagers. "Radon and other inert gases which release as a result of the decay of uranium are squeezed out by groundwater and through the cracks in the ground rises to the surface"  says Russian scientist Leonid Rikhvanov. Tests – independently verified by experts in Prague and Moscow – showed levels of carbon monoxide in the air to be ten times normal levels.

'After numerous medical tests, researchers have confirmed that carbon monoxide is to blame for sleeping epidemic in Kalachi village.' The residents will now be evacuated and given new homes. 


Posing with rabbits <3 

Makeup inspo

Skinned a mouse today - warning graphic!

 Well, I am beginning my dream to become a taxidermist with small steps. This is the first skinning beside a fox head i did some year ago. I didn't know much then and had to get rid of the fox skin eventually. But now I know more! But even now, with more knowledge I failed a bit. I pulled off the tail.. I know this is normal for beginners, since it might take some practice to manage.. But I still feel disappointed in myself. To my own defense the mouse had been out of the freezer for too long, which made it more difficult than if it had been more stiff and still just a bit frozen. Lesson learned hoefully!