Ate grunge for breakfast

Many have been asking me what I use for my gray hair, and right now I use this mousse from Depend called "Pearl gray". I put it in my hair after shower, in towel dryed hair and I think it works very good :) I've used "Silver" before, it takes away the yellow tones in the hair, but work best one shower after, since it might seem a bit purple right after coloring, As you shower it becomes less distinct and blends better. As you might guess, it is many of my friends who have tried this mousse and got mad at me for getting purple hair! I think you have to use it carefully, and blend it in little by little. Perhaps under a whole week or two? At least if you don't want purple hair... The picture below is when I used just silver:

Odd colors and patterns

I am a huge fan of odd animal markings and colorations. I LOVE everything unusual and unique (as most of you know). However, they are not only beautiful to look at. Sometimes they are a result of mutations or illness. And it can give the animal disadvantages, especially wild animals. For example the piebald deer (not albino but with patches of white over the body)  can suffer from many physical deffects such as bowing of the nose, shorter legs, an arching spine, a short lower jaw and problems with internal organs. Also in the breeding of human pets there are some color variations which might bring problems. The merle color for instance is widely discussed for it sometimes comes with diffrent health issues like eyeproblems. 

Viking market

security coffin

safety coffin or security coffin is a coffin fitted with a mechanism to prevent premature burial or allow the occupant to signal that he/ she has been buried alive. A large number of designs for safety coffins were patented during the 18th and 19th centuries and variations on the idea are still available today.



the witching hour

A dream home

"New" hair

 There is still some green tones here and there. But I like it! Alex and I are going to a viking market this weekend. Will be soo fun!

Creative makeup

Hasted mess

Was actually going to make a little more advanced makeup, but it ended upp a bit hasted and smudgy. Have had some sort of allergic reaction (I think) on my eyelids.. They have been red, sore and itchy. Finally it seems to get better. I have many makeup ideas to try out and hope my face will be ready for it ;)

Conjoined twins

Two babies were born in Austrailia. They were born with diprosopus, which means they share the same body and organs but have separate brains and two faces

They are currently in a stable condition and doctors say they have a strong chance of survival if they pass the 5 month mark.


One fine day to be a horse

 We are no horse people, at least we didn't think so until we decided one day to buy horses! (I know, we're crazy).