Fenja got a Unicorn toy - didn't survive for long

Out with the dogs, Alex and my brother

Ice Cream Girl

Alex took me to see this beauty some weeks ago. I am so happy! Such a pretty girl she is.

The real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin. 1928

Zeke and Fenja on ice

The new hair: Enchanted Forest

I've become so lazy at updating my blog these days.. But here is the new hair color. 

Animal Gifs

Boy learns echolocation

Ben Underwood (1992-2009) lost his eyes to retinal cancer at the age of 3. He developed a type of echolocation allowing him to "see" by using his tongue to produce clicks and listening for the echoes as they bounced off objects. In this way he was able to rollerblade, ride a bike and play sports, among other things. Sadly, he died of brain cancer at age 16.