It’s quicksand.

 Quicksand is much thicker than water, which is why things sink so slowly. By that same logic,
one can walk on its surface if you go fast enough and with little enough pressure, like skipping a stone on water.


We LOVE the forest

Mysterious Hanging Coffins of China.

Hanging coffins is an ancient funeral custom found only in Asia. Some coffins are cantilevered out on wooden stakes while some lay on rock projections. The Wuyi Mountain coffins are the oldest; some are more than 3,750 years old.

Megan E. Craddock aka Highfire Fauna Ceramics

crystal within crystal

Not sure if I've ever posted this one before? But it is so stunning..

Tardigrades, also known as water bears (bad-ass microfauna)

Tardigrades are microscopic eight-legged animals that can withstand temperatures from near absolute zero to boiling water, absorb extreme doses of radiation, go without food or water for ten years, and even survive the vacuum of space. They can even be completely dried out and ride on the wind to a new home, where they rehydrate again. 
Oh, and you’ve probably eaten them - these water-dwelling super-critters live not only on wild mosses and wet plants, but on grocery store produce like lettuce and spinach. Don’t worry, though. They’re totally harmless. 

Look what I just bought

MHM! I just ordered the books from " a song of ice and fire series" - game of thrones  <3
I can't wait to get them home. Alex and I read books together at night, lika a bedtime story xD
But it is so cozy. It is great to fall asleep to his voice.. So I will try to read this for him.

These two..

Movie time

How I love happy animals

My grandparents have always treated their cows with respect and kindness. I know the "dance" cows do in the springtime when they are let out to taste the first fresh grass! It is beautiful. I get tears in my eyes from seeing this.

Makeup looove



"Ice Cream Girl - she´s been living in a Ice Cream World" Nananan, this is my horse. Soon to be, I should say. She isn't here yet. But soon! Feels so weird. I have a hobby now. I'm kind of a loner, don't party too often, nothing to be honest haha. I don't hang out with friends so much, but I do like animals. And I like people who like animals. So this will do me good in soo many ways. It will be so fun!

Woodcut prints by Bryan Nash Gill