Space grunge

I came across a word a while ago that I really liked "Space Grunge". I talked with Alex about what kind of stile I have.. I came up with "Hippie-Hop". At the time I wore a super large t-shirt with space print on it and baggy trousers. 

This happened..

I colored my hair a few days ago. I got tired of the gray, wanted someting edgy and crazy again. It is Manic panics Electric Lizard and Siren's Song. I haven't been updating about myself as much cause Alex has done a lazer surgery on his eyes and a week after fell off his horse pretty bad and had to go to hospital for a few days.. And other than that we've rearranged our garden and working in our garage with a gym and also workspace for taxidermy in another section. So we have been quite busy..


You know when the moma pig comes to greet you after she's just escaped her enclosure... I would love to have a pig or two in the future! They are lovely animals. I am not a vegetarian however I try to avoid meat and aspecially pig and chicken. Since the industry is so horrible.. We try to eat local meat and wild game, since those animals are free until killed. They are not bred in a tiny cage with stress and no stimulation. It is more expensive, but totally worth it.  AND of course I eat vege food at times. It is good and feels good.

Days with minimal makeup

It's been kind of busy days here.. We've been to Stockholm two weekends in a row.. And are going there this sunday as well. So I will update better as soon as I have more time. I will also prepare more odditie-posts. I'm also currently working on a jewelry brand and an online shop. Mostly for fun. I don't expect it to bring money or fame. Perhaps it might give me some sense of purpose while I keep on practicing taxidermy. Alex is building a workspace in our garage and we've both been skinning mouses and enjoying it. I have a cat, an owl and a small bird in the fridge waiting for me to get a little more skilled before I'm ready to prepare them. The future seems great. But it takes time, and I have to let it take time. 

Crying makeup

Soo.. Today I finally did some makeup. It is a rainy day so I did some sad makeup to match it.