Cozy days

All I do is eating, cuddling with my babies and watch movies

Jellyfish snorkeling

Palau’s Jellyfish Lake once had an outlet to the sea, but is now connected to the ocean through fissures and tunnels in the surrounding limestone. Millions of jellyfish were trapped in the basin when sea levels dropped, and over time they evolved into a species that have lost the ability to sting because they don’t have to fight off predators. Jellyfish Lake is a snorkeling and swimming extravaganza where you can get up close and personal with an estimated 10 mil Jellyfish.

Alexa Ober

Two Girls Attempt To Murder Classmate To make Slender Man appear

Two 12-year-old girls from Wisconsin attempted to kill a classmate in order to prove themselves worthy to Slender man, who they believe is a real entity.
The police believed the two girls had been planning the murder for months, and had invited another girl over for a birthday slumber party with the intent to kill her in order to please the fictional Slender Man, and thought killing the other girl would allow them to see him. The girls planned to kill the victim, then walk to a nearby mansion where they believed Slender Man lived in order to be able to see him.
The report says that the victim was stabbed 19 times by the assailants in the restroom of a nearby park, but managed to escape. 
The two attackers have been charged as adults due to the violent nature of the attack, which could carry a maximum sentence of 65 years. If they were to be tried as minors they would be released from custody at age 25.
“It was weird that I didn’t feel remorse,” one girl reportedly told police.
The same girl also told the Judge on Monday that she had never met Slender Man, but that he watched her, could read minds, and teleport. She said what she had done was “probably wrong”.

So.. I've seen Maleficent

Graphic - dead animal

So, Alex and I came across this fox who had died near a road. One moment I'm thinking "poor thing" the next "I would love to have a fox skull". It was in great shape since it hadn't been dead for long. I decided to skin the head, so I could use not only the skull, but the face of the fox as well. I want to try stuffing the face and see whether or not I can make it look stuffed.

I worked with it in the middle of the night (didn't want it to decay any further so had to do it as fast as possible) in our basement, with rubber gloves, knifes and cutters. I'm glad no one saw me..

New lenses


I'm not sure about my hair

 Stay like this or do something weird..hmm

The last days

Alex is in Gothenburg now and will board his boat tomorrow. The last days we have just been having fun, eating great food and started a Harry Potter marathon. 

Ed Org

Black lips

Fancy dinner

Silver again

I tried to make my hair more silver/grayish. Still some yellow tones, but I'm getting there.

The mummified heart of a Norse giant

While going through his famous grandfather’s belongings after his passing in 1937, violinist Lars Sigerson discovered this casket. It appears to have been passed from generation to generation within his family for hundreds of years. The explanation and whatever story that goes with it has been lost to the ages.
The inscription on the casket is written in old Norse runes and reads:
“Behold! Within this casket lies the heart of the fierce and terrible giant known as Hrungnir, slain this day by Fafrd the Red whose bravery and cunning shall live forever!”