Old VS new - What do you guys think?

I sort of miss the moose.. The new one looks "too clean". But I guess I keep it anyway. I might get used to it. Or simply make a new later on.

Sorce of the picture:

Fenjas grandfather is reported stolen :(

This dog above is actually Fenjas grandfather. And he happens to be a famous dog, for his role in the movie "Varg" with Peter Stormare. A great reward of 50.000 SEK is given to the one who can provide  valuble information of where he is. Apparently Oddvar has had another dog stolen some years ago.. Hope they find Freke/Fräke soon :( Can't imagine what it must feel like.

Aww Ice! You so funny

ps. better to watch in highter quality (as everything is, but it is AVALIBLE in HD)

And of course I looked after Parwan too!

Give me this table

work work

Good evening

Ice - Crossbreed between unicorn and pegasus

Antique shop with Alex

Last night was like:

Ordered some stuff

I probably shouldn't had done it.. But most of my clothes are kind of trashy now! And sure I like it a bit trashy, but worn out clothes are worn out clothes ya know :( And I felt my wardrobe needed an update.

Some sweet sweet music

I should sleep, but got caught in music.. Duuuh..