I've mailed the breeder

Oh dear, am I spending my days watching these babies? No.... Not at all..
I just want it! It is two gray babies, one is already spoken for.. Gaah, I wants it :(
But I know that we have soo many animals already and you have to be able to give each and everyone of them their time. The more animals the less time is left to spend on each individual.
Blue germanshepherds are so rare and so beautiful, but if that is the only argument it is no good reason to get a puppy. BUT then again. Zeke has a bad shoulder, which is going to get worse over time. He will not be "an old dog" as the vet put it. We don't know how much time he has. At the moment he is happy, excited, and willing to live. But it might come a day when it hurts too much. Fenja is used to have dog company, so I think she would be unhappy as a lone dog. Alex and I have been talking back and forth about what our next dog would be. We've been talking about a wide range of dogs.. Wolfdog, blue gsd, great dane, English mastiff. Yea, you get it. Very diffrent kinds of dogs. From the most complicated and demanding breeds, to the simpler, lazyier ones.
We've always said that we wouldn't get another dog until Zeke has passed.. Two dogs is kind of a good number for two humans. And Zeke has a problem with aggression that we don't want the puppy to learn. Fenja on the other hand can be a little barky but always nice. So she hasn't learned too much bad behaviour from Zeke. In fact, there are a lot of things I wish she could learn from him! Like never stealing food and never jump on people! Never destroy anything in the home. (Fenja have massacred her dogbeds a few times..) Well I don't know why I write all my concerns here. We can't afford it. We should not get another dog. That is what my brain says. But my heart is filled with puppy love :(

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