Everything's Gonna Be Alright

I haaate my face. It is so unsymmetrical! My jaw is very square shaped, one of my eyes is more "baggy" then the other..well I could point out every millimeter of my skin and tell what I hate about it. Yet, I'm really getting more comfortable with my face and body the more time goes by. Perhaps I'm growing up?! It is pointless to hate something you are stuck with for the rest of your life. And I feel lucky to be alive and healthy. It is important to not dig too deep in self doubt, it makes you blind to all the good things you have in life. Even if I would go through plastic surgury to be beautiful I have a hard time to believe that I would find myself pretty anyway. I'm always gonna be "one of the ugly girls" or "awkward" or "UFO". That's what people told me. And when I in defense told them that "I am proud of who I am" they laughed right at my face. Cause who could be proud of being an alien? Many years later I'm still battling these things. I'm done being effected by creeps. And right now, it feels good being alien.

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